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IWRM IHP Conference March 2008 - IWRM 2

Keynote and Plenary Speeches
-----Boroto, IWRM in Africa from Theory to Practice
-----Harlin, Environmental Performances of IWRM Institutions
-----Karar, Management Instruments (IWRM Confernce Plenary Paper)
-----Nyambe, Integrating IWRM in Zambia's National Development

Water and the Economy
-----Farolfi, Economic Issues and IWRM in Developing Countries
-----Farolfi, Role-Playing Game in Water Management
-----Soriano, Experiences of the Phillipines in Water Financing
-----Kanyoka, Farolfi and Morardet, Rural Household's Preferences
-----Barbier, Theophile and Aidam, Recursive Economic Model

Water and the Environment
-----Ngobe and Varkevisser, Case Study Rand Water Urban Water Systems
-----Chiutra and Mutambirwa, Environmental Flows and Institutional Processes
-----Belcher, Water Resource Management
-----Zakariah, Case Presentation Management Instruments

Water and Society
-----Van Koppen, Intro IWRM in Developing Societies
-----Shah, Informal and Formal Water Economies
-----Anderson, Integrated Monitoring of Water Allocation
-----Orne-Gliemann, Water User Associations in South Africa
-----Braune and Xu, Groundwater for Development in South Africa
-----Kruger and Houmoller, IWRM and Livelihoods
-----Cox, Local Government
-----Colvin, Building Capacity for Cooperative Water Government
-----Report Back IWRM and Society Tool Box

Water for Growth and Development
-----Harigobin, Introduction WFGD
-----Oyugi, Facilitating IWRM planning in Africa Lessons and Challenges
-----Laisi IWRM in Malawi, Incorporating IWRM in MGDS
-----Venter, IEM and Desertification
-----Venter, Urban Water Management Programme
-----Venter, Saving the Hartebeespoort Dam
-----Ghuzha, IWRM Experiences from Zimbabwe and Zambia
-----Schulze, Issues in IWRM Practicing Modellers Perspective
-----Mbedzi, Rights-Based Approach to IWRM
-----Seetal and Mqwambani, IWRM Lessons Scorecard
-----Karar and Hollingworth, redressing Through Irrigated Agriculture
-----Groenewald, Khoza and Peterson, Planning for Growth and Development
-----Report Back on Water for Growth and Development