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IWRM 2007 Conference - IWRM Phase 2

IWRM Conference Programme
-----Day 1 Programme
-----Day 2 Programme

IWRM Conference Proceedings (including selected speech transcripts)

IWRM Conference Video (edited to 26 minutes)

IWRM Conference Evaluation

IWRM Conference Presentations

NSDP District Application Project (Mayor Clarence Johnson - CWDM / SALGA)
-----IWRM in Service Delivery (Roger Short - DWAF / DANIDA)

Water for Health and Food Security
----------Food Security Theme - Project Presentation
----------IWRM Keynote Address - Water for Health and Food Security (Jean-Michael Arnoult - FAO)

Water for the Environment
----------IWRM Keynote Address - Water for the Environment (Wilma Kloppers - DWAF)
----------WUA - Capacity Building (Shawn Johnston)
----------Environment Theme - Project Presentation

Water and Small-scale Infrastructure
----------IWRM Keynote Addresses - Water for Small-scale Infrastructure
----------eThekwini Agribusiness & IWRM ( Akhona Ngcobo - eThekwini Metro)
----------IWRM Service Delivery (Enver Buckas - eThekwini Metro)
----------eThekwini Metro The Right to Food in Practice
----------Small-scale Infrastructure Theme - Project Presentation

Water for Resource Limited Farmers and Reform
----------IWRM Keynote Address - Resource Limited Farmers & Water Reform (Herschelle Milford)
----------Emerging Farmers Theme - Project Presentation

-----Closing Presentation Derek Weston - DWAF IWRM National Project Manager
----------Key Components of DWAF Support and Close